Club Management

The Club is managed and controlled by an Executive Committee elected under provisions of the club's constitution. President of the club is Ex. Office Chief Secretary of the State. The Executive Committee collectively takes decisions on substantial matters of management, memberships, events & relative subjects, in the best interest of the legacy, harmony & culture of the club. Mentioned below is the list of Executive Committee.

  • Shri R. P. Mandal (IAS)

  • Shri C. K. Khetan (IAS)

  • Shri D. M. Awasthi (IPS)

  • Shri P. Anbalagan (IAS)

  • Shri Arun Prasad (IFS)

    Jt. SECRETARY (Adm.)
  • Dr. A. Farishta - MEMBER

  • Shri Amit Chaudhari - MEMBER

  • Shri Bharat Agrawal - MEMBER

  • Shri Kamal Sarda - MEMBER

  • Shri Kishore Pithalia - MEMBER

  • Shri Nikhil Dhagat - MEMBER

  • Shri S. K. Gupta - MEMBER

  • Shri Sanjay Alung - MEMBER

  • Shri Sanjay Mehra - MEMBER

  • Shri Trilok Baradia - MEMBER